Are you a business looking to show the firearms and weapons community what you have to offer?  We have some extremely targeted banner advertising options that you may be interested in...

Guns Mississippi Classifieds is proud to offer multiple large advertising positions at the top and side of classifieds pages. These positions are shared / rotated with other advertisers and will be capped at 10 advertisers total.  At this time, we are only offering the two positions on the website because we do not want to inconvenience the users with too many advertisements all over the place. However, this also benefits you because attention is focused on your ad when it is shown.


Low Rates

Although we have had a very successful public launch, we are still a relatively new site.  We do not have multiple years worth of analytics with precise numbers and averages to show what your advertisement will achieve.  However, we can tell you that we are constantly growing and promoting the website every day.

Because of that, we are currently offering very low monthly rates for advertisers with the understanding that we will review each month and those rates will change as the website matures.


Advertising Swap

Do you also have a local Mississippi website in the firearms or weapons related industry? We are interested in swapping advertising with you at no charge! Contact us for more information and to work out details.


Contact Us Now

If you are interested in purchasing advertising or would like more information, please head over to the "Guns Classifieds Network" headquarters website (link below). You will find much more detailed information, options, and pricing:

Guns Classifieds Network | Advertising